"Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did for our recent Pfizer SCBU POA Event. Your costumes were amazing and your service was top notch! As a stylist for our photo shoots in Toronto and Montreal and onsite for our "Speciality Village" Costume Booth, you made executives and event attendees look and feel great. Your hobby and fantasy costumes were too much fun and your attention to detail was phenomenal. The special attention you gave to Dawn and James for the Welcome Dinner was also appreciated. It was great to have you on our team and looking forward you working with you again!"

Tim Ferguson
Audience Communications and Events
" On behalf of Sick Kids Foundation and myself, I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job you did producing and directing our inaugural An Enchanted Evening's theatre production, Mirror Mirror on the Wall. The leadership and creativity you provided from developing the concept and script to choreography, costume design, set design and casting was outstanding. Your professionalism was unparalleled and it was an honour and privilege to work with you yet again on another extremely successful production. I have no doubt that we will work together again soon. My mind is always put at ease when I know you are at the helm."

Hala Bissada, CFRE
President & CEO
Hala Events and Communications Inc.
"... Stop Tyme Productions Inc. was once again hired by SickKids Foundation to produce and direct an entertainment show for our next big campaign launch event Reasons To Believe - A Celebration of Children. The first of its kind, this event officially launched the largest hospital fundraising campaign in Canada. Our goal was to deepen donor awareness, educate the public about SickKids Foundation and to generate media interest to leverage the current marketing campaign efforts. Stop Tyme Productions Inc. was responsible for all show production and logistics. They created and developed a unique show format based on five key messages - Believe In The Possible, Believe In Yourself, Believe In The Future, Believe With Your Heart and Believe In Miracles. Featuring a cast comprised entirely of child performers and five SickKid Foundation Ambassadors, Stop Tyme Productions Inc. produced a 90 minute show that was highly entertaining and very moving. The show closed with an incredibly impactful and emotional candle lit finale performed to our theme song for the entire campaign Lean On Me. The audience response was overwhelming. On behalf of SickKids Foundation, I would like to say it was a pleasure to work with Stop Tyme. Their professionalism and attention to detail in all areas of the production were phenomenal. Reasons To Believe - A Celebration of Children exceeded our expectations and all of our goals for this part of the campaign were met."

Linton Carter
Senior Director, Board Relations
Sick Kids Foundation
..."It was unanimous - this was the biggest and best Teddy Bear Affair! The overwhelming feedback we have received from our sponsors and guests has been that the event was breathtaking. You went above and beyond to create an unbelievable show for this year's theme ON BROADWAY. It was such a pleasure to work with you and you were only too eager to accommodate our requests big or small. Your innovative choreography and costumes made the show unique ... It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team - all of you did a fantastic job...There really aren't any words to express the appreciation we feel for your continued support of our work with disadvantaged children. The kindness and support you have offered our children will inevitably help each of them to reach their full potential. Thanks you again for investing in their future! "

Lori Moggy
Senior Manager, Events & Marketing
Children's Aid Foundation
"It's not only GOLDCORP that is all about gold. Stop Tyme Productions is in every way my golden supplier. First place medalists in the Olympics of Entertainment planning. McLean's magazine recognized the fabulous look of your hostesses, the human cocktail table, your gold gymnasts AND the sensational golden mannequins for our central buffet room. The production was spectacular in every way and the process of dealing with you equally so. I can't thank you enough for such an outstanding service and product. The custom designed costumes exceeded all of our expectations. It isn't the first time I've had such a great product from Stop Tyme - just ALWAYS. Here's to more opportunities to WOW our clients. You make it seem so easy!"

Carol Priest
Carol Priest Entertainment
"With "a little help" from Sabre Marketing, Larter Advertising , and our entire supply chain, Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada's 100th Anniversary parties were a resounding success! Thousands of Harley's closest friends enjoyed "The Party Of The Century" held simultaneously at The Docks in Toronto and The Empire Cabaret in Winnipeg ... The Stop Tyme Productions dancers created an explosive finale at the events! Your creative use of the Harley-Davidson apparel portrayed the confident nature of the new Harley-Davidson rider. It was an excellent finish to a great event. Thanks again for your contribution, it wouldn't have been the same without you!"

Grant Rowe
Sabre Marketing Inc.
"...People keep telling me how great the dancers were. Every number was unique in its own way, consistently keeping the energy level high for the meetings themselves and for the participating audiences. Your company really made our meetings special and we appreciate the effort you put into each production."

Vincent C. Power
Assistant Manager
Sears Canada Inc.
"As we near the end of our 3rd season working together, I'd like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the terrific contribution your dance group continues to make to our overall entertainment program. Your choreography is constantly remarked on and has added a vital new dimension to our shows, added to which the costumes look immaculate and are always very imaginative. With an itinerary of 14 days it would be easy for the shows to become monotonous or predictable, but I feel that the constant innovation and variety added by Stop Tyme Productions is a big factor in keeping them entertaining and exciting. Once again very many thanks for your invaluable contribution over the past 3 seasons and I hope we continue to work together for many more years."

Andy Cross, Entertainment Coordinator
Regent Holidays Ltd.
..."Carol Forrest did her first costume design and construction project for Diversified Talent for General Motors of Canada National Retail Tour. Her work was exceptional. She provided us with original costume design ideas and a full colour layout of drawings and sketches. The resulting costumes for our performers were amazing - unique in their construction, yet practical for the show...She has excellent communication skills and the design ability to translate our conceptual show ideas into costuming that is visual and appropriate to each performer."

Trudy S. Moffatt
Diversified Talent Associates Inc.
"Carol Forrest has worked with E.L. Productions Ltd. on more than one occasion where she was hired to design and construct costumes for talent that performed at E.L. Productions produced shows. Carol has been an integral part in providing us with her talent, time and energy to help us communicate our event successfully through costuming and wardrobe. Carol has a great ability for costume design. She is able to maintain client objectives while using her creativity to create extraordinary costumes. Carol has been creative designer for E.L. Productions Ltd. on events such as Steel Alliance, Eaton's Fashion Events and a Body & Soul promotion at the Toronto Eaton's Centre."

Kristy Beresford
Senior Project Manager/Producer
E.L. Productions Ltd.